As a corporate executive, you know that wellness programs represent an important investment in your key resource – your people. Wellness not only reduces absenteeism but also makes people more productive.

At Total Corporate Wellness, we design and manage wellness programs for corporations. We've done this very successfully since 1984.

We make it our business to understand the corporate culture of our clients. That way, we know that our programs will complement your resources and capabilities. You'll find our programs:

  • meet the needs of all employees
  • demand little of your time
  • let you meet the combined challenges of improving health, productivity, and employee relations
  • help you optimize your investment in health and fitness while reaping significant financial benefits
Kevyn Allard

At Total Corporate Wellness (TCW), you'll find a highly focused group of committed professionals who specialize in providing wellness programs for corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our people are known for their skills and expertise in health management. Here are some of the ways our clients benefit from working with us:

  • We're responsive. We understand corporate realities and demands. We'll work within your corporate culture and management philosophy.
  • We design programs and services to reach employees who don't normally take part in fitness and wellness activities.
  • We make sure your wellness program is cost-effective and that you get the greatest return on your investment. Because we do our job well, you can focus on what you do well.

TCW founder and president Kevyn Allard is a leading expert and designer of full-service fitness and wellness programs for clients in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Paris, and New Zealand. Customers include numerous top Bay Area organizations such as Wells Fargo Bank, Siemens Business Communications and Intel Corporation. In addition, she created the first corporate intranet-based wellness incentive campaign, which was awarded CIO Magazine's 50/50 'Best of the Intranets' award.

Kevyn has served on staff of the University of California and California State University systems to certify exercise teachers, and as a member of Reebok's elite CORPS team to promote Reebok's educational programs and products. In 2010, she served as chairperson on California's Committee for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity, which succeeded in eliminating the sale of soda in public schools.

A dynamic leader with a passion for improving public health, Kevyn brings a wealth of experience and expertise to all her endeavors. She is a frequent lecturer at conferences such as the Association for Worksite Health Promotion (AWHP) and the International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA). Her articles on health and fitness have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Women's Sports and Fitness, Dance Exercise Today, and Shape Magazine. Kevyn holds a Master's Degree of Science in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.