Thoughtful Program Design

We design your program based on your needs. First, we determine where your health care dollars are being spent. Then we identify high-risk groups among your employees. Finally, we identify specific objectives for your program.

Generally, our wellness programs include the following content...

  • Health Education
  • Health Promotion & Marketing
  • Community Events & Outreach
  • Exercise Classes
  • Fitness Reimbursement Administration
  • On-Site Staffing

...and are delivered in a variety of formats. Here are a few examples:

  • We create materials to increase employee awareness of health issues including newsletters, posters, pamphlets, bulletin boards, and a wellness home page.
  • We offer "brown-bag" seminars & one-on-one counseling by qualified health professionals on topics like stress management, weight loss, and nutrition.
  • Our certified instructors teach group exercise classes such as aerobics, yoga, Pilates and strength conditioning.
  • We provide on-site staffing to assist with health fairs, marketing, community outreach, and fitness reimbursement administration.

Responsive Management and Detailed Administration
Responsive Management

We manage all facets of your wellness program wherever it's located – at your headquarters or at separate facilities. Our staff are well-trained and skilled in their areas. In addition, we insist on excellent communication skills and practices.

Detailed Administration

We consider it our job to take care of all the details of day-to-day administration and, as you know, this can mean a lot. The specifics for your corporation will, of course, reflect your unique wellness program.

Here are some options:

  • We can provide a schedule of classes, seminars and events, register those who attend, and track participation.
  • We can arrange for health screenings including administering health history questionnaires and tracking doctor reports.
  • We can provide custom software that facilitates the administration of your wellness benefits program.

Expert Staff and Personnel

Our management team is both skilled at and experienced in designing and implementing large-scale corporate wellness programs. Our key team members have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all activities – from preparing newsletters to teaching seminars and classes – are right for your employees and that we remain sensitive to special needs.

Our instructional team includes certified fitness instructors and health professionals with advanced degrees in appropriate fields. Our team has many years of experience working on-site with corporations. We provide specially-trained personnel who work for you on-site but who are on our payroll.

Health Promotion and Education

Our wellness programs and services range from promoting employee awareness of health and wellness issues to teaching classes designed to change behavior.

To promote awareness, we customize educational materials, design flyers, feature national events such as the Great American Smokeout, and organize a health fair to generate interest in other health and fitness programs.

To help people change their behavior, we offer classes, seminars, and clinics to help people stop smoking or lose weight, for example.

If you want to run your own corporate wellness program, we can provide you with a TCW Health Promotion Activity Kit. The kit includes everything you need to plan and administer wellness and fitness activities on-site.

Facility Design and Management

We'll design your facility to accommodate regular as well as peak usage to avoid the possibility of overcrowding. Our design team taken into account a host of technical details. Here are a few examples:

  • We'll select the best equipment. We know the difference between what looks good and what works for you in the long run.
  • We'll set up procedures for entering and using the facility as well as manage the programs on a day-today basis.
  • We'll conduct regular evaluations and offer recommendations for improvement and future development.