Total Corporate Wellness (TCW) has been creating wellness programs and services for business since 1984. The latest addition to TCW's portfolio of service offerings is the Intranet Incentive Campaign, a cost-effective solution to multi-site health promotion programming. The Campaign offers a unique approach – a self-directed wellness program administered over a company intranet with modules on nutrition, fitness and stress management. Find out how you can increase employee participation with a program that fits work and home schedules, insures privacy and provides measurable results. TCW's Intranet Incentive Campaign can help you improve worksite health.

Read more about the Intranet Incentive Campaign in: Incentive Magazine (10/97), Health Management Technology Magazine, (12/97), CIO Web Business Magazine (7/98) and Worksite Health Magazine (Summer 1998).

The campaign was accessible to all our employees over the intranet. It was a cinch to administer, significantly decreased our program costs, and employee participation went up by more than 40%.
John Deex, Manager, Corporate Health and Wellness Services
Siemens Business Communication Systems, Inc.