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 Wellness Incentive Campaign


Welcome to the Wellness Incentive Campaign!

This year, the Good Living Program delivers a new and exciting interactive on-line education and activity campaign designed to reward you for making changes to improve your level of health. As part of the Good Living Wellness Program, Siemens Business Communication Systems offers you the ability to earn 100 flexible wellness credits to be used during your annual benefits open enrollment.

The Wellness Incentive Campaign consists of three wellness activities: Getting Fit (Fitness), Eating Smart (Nutrition), and Managing Life (Stress Management). Each activity is designed to educate you to the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle and help you develop or improve positive lifestyle choices. You will be given the option to choose one activity that encourages and assists you in making positive changes to attain a better, fuller life. Each activity is eight weeks long and requires weekly participation. Simply select the activity which appeals to you most. You are encouraged to choose an activity that is new or unfamiliar to you.

The Three Campaign Activities

Getting Fit The Getting Fit activity is designed for individuals who desire to increase their level of physical activity. The objective of Getting Fit is to show that exercise is for all of us and that you can receive the benefits of an active lifestyle without athletic abilities or athletic levels of fitness. It is a step-by-step program with information based on the latest research in exercise physiology. The activity is designed with a problem-solving approach to support, motivate and encourage you along the way!

Eating Smart The Eating Smart activity is designed for employees who want to improve their eating habits and gain the benefits of proper nutrition management. Nutrition is a crucial element in the reduction of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and cancer. The Eating Smart activity gives you a practical guide for making smarter dietary choices at work, on the road, in restaurants, in the grocery store and at home. It is a road map for improving your nutritional habits.

Managing Life The Managing Life activity is designed to help you develop and practice the skills you need to keep life in balance, at home and at work. You'll learn simple ways to manage the stress of modern life such as: gaining control, setting priorities, acting assertively, thinking positively, and taking care of yourself! These simple tools won't remove stress from your life, but they will make it easier to manage stress, view your life more positively, and take the action needed to move toward your goals.

Here's how the campaign works:

You select an activity which is of most interest to you and participate in the activity each week by reading educational material and a motivational tip sheet, and by doing the recommended activity. At the beginning of the following week, you will complete the scorecard which will help you determine your level of success. Each scorecard has five questions and is worth 10 flexible wellness credits upon completion. If you complete all eight weeks of your activity, you will earn 80 flexible wellness credits and qualify for an additional bonus of 20 flex credits, giving you a total of 100 flexible wellness credits to be spent during the next open enrollment period. Mark your calendar to remind yourself to follow-up on each week's activity. If you don't have the opportunity to finish all eight weeks, you will still receive credit for the weeks that you've completed. The duration of the campaign is 10 weeks. If you miss a week, you will be allowed to make up that week before continuing the next week. During the campaign, you will only have two opportunities to go back and make up a missed week.

There is an Activity Log available for each activity. The Activity Logs are designed to help you track your progress in meeting the objectives for the activity you choose. Print the Activity Log for a given week, and have it handy as you participate in your selected activity. The Activity Logs are available for your personal use; you do not have to submit them in order to participate in the campaign.

As the campaign progresses, weekly chapters for each of the three activities will become available from the Library Page. You may participate in only one activity online to earn flex credits; however, you may read material from the other activities (and print the corresponding Activity Logs) for your own benefit. Be aware, however, that it is important that you commit to your chosen activity to realize the full benefits of that activity. Don't try to participate in all three campaign activities at the risk of falling short of your goals for your primary activity!

To help you maintain and learn more about your positive lifestyle changes, we've included a Resources Page for each of the activities. These resources include national non-profit organizations, journals, books and additional information about benefits relative to your activity. Each resource includes an address, a phone number, and where applicable, a web address for easier access.

A Rules and Glossary Page is available to assist you in the management of your activity. The Rules section gives you specific instruction and guidelines about how the campaign works and timeframes for completion. The Glossary section provides definitions and explanations for all aspects of the campaign. Should you require assistance, a Help Section is available to answer questions and guide you in the management of your chosen activity.

To help you become more familiar with the campaign, an example of a weekly activity has been provided. This demonstration will assist you in becoming familiar with the navigation and use of this exciting on-line campaign to help you develop a better, healthier "you".

The Wellness Incentive Campaign is designed to take advantage of the most up-to-date technology available, providing you with easy access and opportunity for participation. What a great way to learn more about yourself, improve your level of health and earn 100 flex credits for the next open enrollment period!

Now, time to create your new account and get started with your program, try the demonstration, or return to the main menu.

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