When TCW took over our program management full-time, we eliminated a huge management headache and, at the same time, we lowered our costs.
Dave Cragg, Director of Human Resources, Software Publishing Corporation
By working with TCW, Lockheed Employees' Recreation Association has been able to choose exactly the combination of programs and services that works best for us. This is not one size fits all. They understand our need for tailored solutions.
Jim Battersby, Executive Director, Lockheed Employees' Recreation Association
Working with Kevyn Allard and her crew is a real pleasure. They take care of all the program design, setup, and management, which allows us to offer a powerful and customized set of benefits to our employees.
Linda Patterson, Benefits Program Manager, Tandem Computers
TCW helped us identify high risk populations among our employees and design strategies to increase their health and fitness. With this kind of expertise, Total Corporate Wellness helps everybody succeed.
Glenn Ely, CFO, Elyxir Distributing, Inc. Coors/Snapple Distributors
For years TCW has provided fitness programs to Raychem. TCW's experienced and very professional staff has resulted in successful classes, enthusiastic participants, and has provided a standard against which other programs are judged.
Cheryl Kanthal, Fitness Director, Raychem Corporation